Download Cinemabox apk for Android, Windows PC and iOS

Download Cinemabox apk for Android, Windows PC and iOS

Cinema Box Apk For Android: Using Cinemabox apk 2.0 you can enjoy watching your favorite stuff online with your Smartphone or Tablet. By connecting to chrome cast you can watch the movies in bigger screens. You can enjoy limitless movies for free and it also enables you to download them for an offline watching.

To download official Apk of Cinemabox (formerly Playbox HD), you need to now a genuine link to download Cinema Box apk file. Showbox is also a better choice to watch movies online for better understanding we have posted the genuine downloading link to help in download showbox android. For Apple users you need to visit iOS page to download the app on your iOS device.

Hello friends what are you waiting for download app on smartphone quickly and experience a new style of entertainment within your hands. Enjoy watching your favourite movies on your smartphone or Tablets and experience large screen entertainment using Chrome cast or Apple TV support feature. For quick downloading we have mentioned few steps below on how to download Cinema Box app, we have provided the official links for both Android and iOS devices.

  • First and the foremost thing is you need to enable Unknown sources. Go to Settings – Security – and Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Once visited the download page, click on Download option to get the Cinema Box apk file on your device.
  • Next, wait for a while until it completes downloading cinema box apk.
  • Next, After completing the download process locate the “Apk File” you just downloaded and open it.
  • A new window pop-up appears and you need to grant permission to install.
  • Within, few seconds it will complete the installation process and a new window appears asking you to tap done or open.
  • Tap on the open option to run and enjoy amazing features of the app.

The CinemaBox apk requires Android version 4.0 or Above 4.0 to run and use the app and if not you may not access all the features and Enjoy watching free movies with the new Cinema Box app for android and don’t forget to post your valuable comments below.


Download Cinemabox apk for Android, Windows PC and iOS

Every app have their own and unique features to become popular in the market. Like other entertainment apps, Cinemabox app also has some useful and key features which are different from other apps of similar category.Some key features of Cinema Box Apk are mentioned below and enjoy reading all its features.

  1. Multiplicity in the Content available.
  2. Compatible with Android and iOS platforms.
  3. Simple and attractive UI(User interface) that will enable you to navigate within the application for an outmost ease of the Content search.
  4. Subtitles are available in many languages this is one of the recognizable features of the app.
  5. Supports Chromecast to Watch in big screen experience.
  6. Apple Tv supports all Apple devices.
  7. Regularly updated with the latest content available
  8. Large collection of movies in High-Quality movies like 720p, 1080p.
  9. Endless sources are available to stream online with cinema box app and avoid buffering.
  10. Supports Wifi sharing feature.
  11. Kids interface or mode for children under 7 years.
  12. And the most important thing it is completely free and safe.

PicsArt for PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/8.1 & Mac

PicsArt for PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/8.1 & Mac

PicsArt for PC: Many of us love creating Graphics, Photoshops and Animated images and pictures.  Along with that enhancing image quality by adding many artificial amazing effects is also a loved part. Smart phones are seen commonly in everyone’s hand today. Using smart phone it is possible to edit and customize photos from our cell phones. It’s not yet all required to turn on the PC for adding effects in any picture since everything can be done with the help of android Smart Phones. PicsArt for PC is one such amazing application that can be used to edit photos on Phone.

PicsArt for PC Download Process:

PicsArt for PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/8.1 & Mac

One can find many applications on Google play store for editing images with hundreds of effects and features. But most of these applications available cannot provide the user features and effects actually promised. Some of them are not easy to use because of its complex interface. So, to make the Android phone users more comfortable in editing images, here we are going to explain about perfect app which meets all photo editing needs on mobile.

Here we are discussing about PicsArt Application. Here we are basically going to tell the users how to get and run PicsArt for PC instead of Smartphones. Using the application is very simple. All you need to do is following the simple steps mentioned here.

PicsArt for PC Features:

  • This is the most handy application one can use for drawing and editing
  • It offers lot of options for editing photographs including frames, special effects, clip arts etc.
  • One could easily share the edited pictures via emails or SMS or even Social Network.
  • User can apply live effects on the pictures by using built in camera app.

PicsArt for PC:

Since PicsArt don’t have exe application which user can run on your windows PC. The application is available for the Android Smartphones/APK Form and this is the reason why users are going to illustrate the method in which you are going to use an Android Emulator in order to run the application on your windows 7 PC.

To run PicsArt for PC, Users should download an Android Emulator which is named Bluestacks. Bluestacks is the best and most stable android emulator which you can find on Internet. Along with that it is very simple to use and possess very attractive interace.  Users can download Bluestacks installer from the link provided below.

PicsArt for PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/8.1 & Mac

User should make sure that your PC has 2GB Ram and must run this software. User should also have a working internet connection which is essential to download install applications. After installing bluestacks on PC, Follow the steps mentioned here to run PicsArt for PC.

Step 1: Open the Bluestacks Software. You will find the sreen as given here.

Step 2: On the Bluestacks Home Screen, User should search the icon and write “Picsart”

Step-3: User should see Google Play page of PicsArt and this will open from where user can download the app.

Step-4: Click on the “Install” Button and order to begin the downloading process.

Step-5: User can download APK File manually by click on the link provided here.

Step-6: If applications are downloading manually, double click on the downloaded file and install the file on Bluestacks App Player, if not the application can also be downloaded manually via Google Play store. User should make sure that you are having working internet connection through the process.

Step-7: Process is completed. Now on the blue stacks you will find PicsArt App Icon on the Home screen from where you can start the application whenever needed.

Unlike smartphones user is not able to edit the picture which you have saved on the PC. User should open the application and then browse the pictures saved on the PC, and they are ready to go. We hope simple steps we provided make the process of downloading PicsArt for PC easy.

iPhone 8: The iPhone may finally get Wireless Charging Technology

iPhone 8: The iPhone may finally get wireless charging

There are two months have been ended to the launch of iPhone 7 but the Apple audience is looking for next year’s ultimate new generation Apple Phone. The phone is going to skip the S version of their product. I mean there will be no iPhone 7S after the iPhone 7 release. They directly moving to the iPhone 8 Plus series in next year. You might know that iPhone is barely upgrading its products with new trends. So, they wanted to release the phone with a highly upgraded version with new generation features. There will be some new technologies will be introduced in the phone.

Now sources have been said that bottleneck or congestion going to supply the OLED display for Apple to produce in next iPhone 8 Plus in the coming year. Now there are rumors that Canon Tokki is producing the machines or the equipment those are used to create OLED displays or iPhone and the same company is supplying the machines for them.

iPhone 8: The iPhone may finally get wireless charging:

iPhone 8: The iPhone may finally get wireless charging

Canon Tokki’s ELVESS OLED Mass Production will produce OLED displays in a mass way. Canon Tokki’s ELVESS OLED Mass Production system is the fully automated manufacturing system and they can make a continue operation about 2-3 minutes and will substrate for approximately one week then they are contributing to the mass production of OLED displays.

Apart from this, there are even big rumors like iPhone 8 is being made up of wireless charging. iDropNew covered this story and says that the iPhone upcoming series is going to have wireless charging. They are already on the way with Energous and Dialog Semiconductor which helps to use this technology.

So, iPhone 8 is completed as per the date and there will be an edge to edge display and complete modern design. The leaked pictures say that Bezels have been completely removed and the edge-to-edge display has been wrapped up. According to iDropnews iPhone 8 could feature curved plastic OLED Display & New Touch Technology.

There is an even big rumor that the phone is going to have edge-to-edge OLED display then there are no buttons on the phone. Now there is some news are suggesting the Apple that they have to add some new technologies and features because their rivalries are already in the field with new features like wireless charging and much more.

According to the Apple manufacture devices and the partner, Foxconn is currently busy in the developing of charging modules. So, they are in the preparation of new Apple series. So, there is, even more, the happiest news is that the iPhone is planning to add the wireless charge feature to all upcoming models of iPhone. Now it will be added to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apart from that iPhone 7 Plus has an exclusive camera.

You might know that wireless charging has been added to the new android phones then there is nothing special in it but the company is extending the feature of it. You might know that the wireless charger will work up to a 20M distance whereas others have a too low feature about 5CM. This iPhone 8 will release next September and it has the lot time to reveal the features.

Talking Tom for Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/Xp PC free download

Talking Tom for Windows

Talking Tom Cat for PC or team official is not available yet but you can get this awesome android app or game for PC but make sure your PC or laptop has Windows 7 / windows 8, windows Vista or Mac OS and has a good hardware. Talking Tom Cat for windows 7/8 is a fantastic and entertaining game, Talking Tom Cat for PC will have to speak words or anything and cat animated repeat those words in a different cartoonish tone. It gives you hours of laughter. Talking tom cat was one of the first android applications became popular.

Talking Tom Cat is a very popular game and is getting good grades and comments in Google Play . So we think; Why not share Talking Tom Cat for PC? It could be great fun on your PC. I can say or talk about anything you want and talk to tom cat PC to repeat those words on their home court. You can also touch tom cat for different postures and facial expressions. So use the following method to download and play Talking Tom Cat PC. You can also download the following android applications for your PC.

How to download Talking Tom Cat for PC ?

Talking Tom for Windows

There are two methods to download Talking Tom Cat for PC. If you use method 1 then read only method 1 and if you go to method 2, you can completely ignore Method 1.

Method 1 to download Talking Tom Cat for PC

You have to download the apk file of the game first if you want to continue with the method 1; You can download the apk file Talking Tom Cat from anywhere on the Internet. There are many sites offering file downloads Talking Tom Cat apk. So go to Google and search for the apk file Talking Tom Cat, easily have. Then download the apk file on your PC or computer.

Method 2 to download Talking Tom Cat for PC

But if you skip method 1 then you must have a functioning internet connection to install Talking Tom Cat computer without downloading the apk file. So do what you want. Skip method 1 if you want to download apk file Talking Tom Cat and move on.

How to install Talking Tom Cat on PC ?

Now you have to download an android emulator. You can try BlueStacks, IntelAppUp or YouWave but I suggest you to download BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a software for Windows and Mac emulator that lets you play Android apps on PC. After BlueStacks Download, install on your PC and install other software or applications. Now there are 2 methods to install Talking Tom Cat for PC or computer.

Method 1 to install Talking Tom Cat on PC

You can install Talking Tom Cat PC via apk file if – in step 1 you chose Method 1; ie by downloading the apk file Talking Tom Cat. You have to use the apk file that you downloaded in step 1 Internet. So go open that file with BlueStacks (for windows, right click on the apk file and open it with BlueStacks) and automatically installed on your PC.

Method 2 to install Talking Tom Cat on PC

However if you have chosen the method 2 in step 1 and then jumped download BlueStacks app open and search Talking Tom Cat typing the exact words in the search bar. You will need an internet connection for that. After searching, install Talking Tom Cat by clicking on it. Now successfully installed Talking Tom Cat for PC.

How to run Talking Tom Cat PC or computer?

It is very easy to run Talking Tom Cat after installing it on your PC. To run and play Talking Tom Cat on PC you have to navigate to the file and is easy. Go to the folder called apps Talking Tom Cat and find that folder. Then double click on Talking Tom Cat to start the game.

How To Lose Weight By GM Diet Plan In A Week (7 Days)

How To Lose Weight By Gm Diet Plan In A Week

Guys tell me who do not wish to get a slim body? Every one of us wants to lose some pounds of weight. So, why don’t you try the new Gm Diet Plan? Believe me, it is very much effective and simple. First tell me, do you really wish to lose weight within a week? If yes, then here I brought for you the best methods of how to lose weight by gm diet plan in a week.

How to lose weight by gym diet plan in a week?

Gm Diet plan is also known as General Motors Diet Plan. Mostly all ages of people follow this method to lose weight. If you are really ready for the diet plan then make sure you don’t turn your mind. You can follow these steps only if you have a strong will power. Here are the lists of the 7-day challenge. You can start from Sunday onwards.


This is the first day of your diet plan so make sure you are strict with your diet. Take only fruits like apples, pineapples, watermelon, and cantaloupe. Do not even touch other food items or vegetables rather include 10-12 glasses of water on the very first day. If you are hungry then take as many fruits you like.


On the second day of the week avoid fruits and take in only raw or boiled vegetables. Take as much as vegetables but never deep fry it. Water should be taken as usual.


On Tuesday take both the vegetables as well as fruits. Make sure you don’t eat potatoes and bananas. Don’t eat both together instead take it alternatively.

How To Lose Weight By Gm Diet Plan In A Week


Wednesday will be a great day for you because you will be habituated with the diet plan. Include 3-4 glasses of milk and 6 bananas for the entire day.


On Thursday, you will a little lighter with your weight. Take a cup of rice and eat 6-7 fresh tomatoes for the whole day. But make sure you take 10-12 glasses of water as your uric acid might increase.


On the sixth day, you are suggested to eat a cup of rice and boiled vegetables which will make your body lighter. Remember to drink water as much as possible.


This is one of the best days as it’s the final day of your gm diet plan. Here you are allowed to eat a cup of brown rice and boiled vegetables. You can drink some fruit juices without any sugar.

So, here is the answer how to lose weight by gym diet plan in a week. They really work well, just follow the methods that I have included here and get visible results. If it works for you, then share my ideas with your friends or dear ones who wishes to lose weight.

Google working on free messaging app to compete with WhatsApp

Google is reportedly in the process of creating its own mobile messaging application, along the same lines as WhatsApp, Line, and Viber. The news comes from India’s Economic Times, and the article states the search company will test the app in the country next year. If you’re wondering what’s wrong with Hangouts, then there is a key difference between the two – Google’s new messenger app won’t require a Google login.

Most popular Google apps, such as Google+, Gmail, and the Google Play Store, need the user to have a Google account. While hardly restrictive, it can be an issue if Google doesn’t have a large presence in the respective market. There’s also the case some people may not want to sign up with Google at all.

Google’s possible decision to put some effort into a cross-platform, Google-free messaging app may have been influenced by Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, and a desire to not lose ground in emerging markets. WhatsApp, for example, has 65 million users in India alone, and Viber’s new owner has major international expansion plans too.

We’ve seen this strategy before recently, after BlackBerry let its BBM app out into the world, aiming it primarily at Africa. Google’s app may be localized to include multi-language support, giving it stronger appeal.

The report further states that last month, Google sent top product manager Nikhil Singhal to India to do a recce of the messaging app ecosystem in the country as the company looks to catch up on an opportunity it lost to others.

There’s no official confirmation from Google, but an anonymous source informed the Economic Times the new app would launch in 2015, and would be free to use. This sets it apart from WhatsApp, which charges a modest annual fee, and puts it in competition with the free – and feature-packed – Line app.

GTA Grand Theft Auto San Andreas HD Has Conformed the Release Date

No longer a rumor, GTA San Andreas again. Rockstar has cleared doubts and confirmed that prepares a review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in HD. The company has also advanced the platform and the exact date of GTA San Andreas HD available.

Fans of the series will not have to wait long. This week rumors began to circulate about plans to pay tribute to Rockstar for GTA San Andreas. Sunday is the 10th anniversary of the release of the game on PS2. The title is one of the largest in the GTA and Rockstar’s story and why it was foreseeable that the company had any gesture.

The first detail Rockstar was publishing work online for GTA 5 created by fans and inspired by San Andreas. The very Rockstar claimed it was a tribute to the community and facilitate access to everyone on PS3 and Xbox 360.

That first gesture and confirmed that the tenth anniversary of GTA San Andreas will not go unnoticed. After that first initiative came to light a further indication of further action by Rockstar.

GTA Grand Theft Auto San Andreas HD Has Conformed:

Specifically, appeared related to a version of GTA San Andreas for Xbox 360 achievements. That information was jumping rumors of a remake of the game, where Rockstar seek to adapt their design to high definition.

It’s only been two days and Rockstar itself has decided to confirm their plans. Rumors and expectations are met and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas returns with a facelift. Specifically, Rockstar has confirmed that the title will come in HD, which promises improved graphics update the popular game.

For Xbox 360The confirmation of the company occurred after a user should ask on the official forum about the disappearance of Rockstar GTA San Andreas Xbox Xbox Live.

The response has been that it is preparing the arrival of a version of the title for Xbox 360 and therefore has decided to withdraw the above.With that message, Rockstar has confirmed that Xbox 360 is chosen to provide GTA San Andreas HD platform.

There is no evidence so far that the title will also become more or PS3 consoles, although we can not rule. What is known is because the game will look more current Xbox 360, where the chances of high definition can give a much more modern air to this popular title.As for the release date, Rockstar has also cleared all doubts.

Users will not have to wait long to see the potential and changes in GTA San Andreas HD. Specifically, from next October 26 will be the title available on Xbox Live for Xbox 360. Then you will see the graphical overhaul and the new achievement system, which promise to revive a classic.

Microsoft Planning to Reveal More Windows 10 Features

Microsoft Set plans to give clearer glimpse of next version of windows. The company arranged an event to show off new features of its flagship operating system. Executives worked for developing the new version will shows off how it was designed to give more consistent experience and a common platform for software apps on various devices.

Microsoft invited journalists and Industry analysts to the event which was head quartered in Redmond, Washington. Satya Nadella will explain about the new system and their battle to stay upgraded with the Mobile gadgets and Internet apps.

Microsoft planned to extend the limited preview of Windows 10 given in last fall. As the releasing date is getting closer board is planning to announce more interesting features of the update in the event.

Microsoft stakes are high and in the last Windows alienated user’s interface which are difficult to navigate. Now Microsoft is planning to get all of them back with the familiar interface. Windows 10 is similar version of Windows earlier version for the personal computers and additional features will add to the touch controlled tablets or other gadgets.

Tech analysts around the world are expecting that Windows 10 is a solution for all the major problems created with Windows 8.

 Microsoft skipped Windows 9 in naming and framed Window 10 after Windows 8.

Windows 10 New features announced by Microsoft in last fall:

  1. Microsoft bought back the start menu option
  2. Universal Search in Start menu: Now the search tool at the bottom of the start menu not only searches programs and files but also looks up related results on the Internet
  3. Multiple Desktops: This feature is similar to Apple’s Spaces feature on OS X. This helps the user in managing multitude of open windows and apps.
  4. Task View Multitasking
  5. Improved Start Screen
  6. Quadrant Style Split Screen Multitasking

We are excited to check more new features on Windows.  We will update on our website as soon as they are announced Stay tuned.

Watch Game of Thrones Online | Stream Full Episodes, Seasons

Game of thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D.B.Weiss. It is an adaptation of a song of ice and fire. The first which is a game of thrones. It is filmed at titanic studios in Belfast, on location elsewhere in the United Kingdom and in Croatia, Iceland.

The series premiered on HBO in the united states on April 17,2011, and sixth season ended on June 26,2016. The series was renewed for a seventh season, scheduled to premiere in mid of 2017 with a total of season 7 game of  thrones spoilers episodes set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, it has the several plot lines and a large ensemble cast.

Watch Game of Thrones All Seasons Online:

The first story arc follows a dynastic conflict among competing claimants for succession to the iron throne of the seven kingdoms with other noble families fighting for independence from the throne.

The second covers attempts to reclaim the throne by the exiled last scion of the Relam deposed ruling dynasty, the third chronicles the threat of the impending winter and the legendary creatures and fierce people of north. Game of thrones season 7 episode 6 has attracted record viewership on HBO and has a broad active international fan base.

These all you can watch in Movie Box it has been acclaimed  by critics particularly for its acting complex characters, story, scope, and production values. Its frequent use of nudity and violence has attracted criticism.

The series has received 38 Prime time Emmy Awards including outstanding drama series in 2015 and 2016 more than any other prime time scripted television series game of thrones roughly based on the story lines of a song of ice land fire set in the fictional seven kingdoms of Westeros and the continent of Essos .

The series chronicles the violent families for the independence from it. Opens with additional threats in the icy north and Essos in the east. The series is generally praised for what is perceived as a sort of medieval realism with less emphasis on magic and sorcery and more be used moderately in the epic fantasy genre.

Moto G Gets Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Update

Finally, Motorola updated all Moto G Phones with Android 5 update in India. This update will provide Moto G users new interface and new features. So, if you are Moto G users check out how to upgrade the phone with the latest Android 5 update.

Here we provide the steps to update Moto G Phones to Android Lollipop aka Android 5. Follow the steps carefully:

  • The user will see the notification for system update of the phone. Tap the notification available and follow the procedure
  • If you don’t have any notification for the system update on your phone go to settings
  • Click on the About Phone option
  • Click on System Update
  • Click on Check for Updates.

  • Now the phone will check the update. Mostly Lollipop update will be available for the users on the phone. If it is not available to check the update again after some time because Motorola is rolling out the update in different phases
  • Download and install if the update is available. Follow the on-screen instructions for it.
  • The user should make sure that Motorola update service is installed on phone. If it is not installed do it first.
  • Also, make sure that Motorola Update Service is available for the latest version. The user can check it by going to the play store.
  • When the Motorola Update Service is updated to the latest version user will get the notification for the Android Lollipop update. Tap the update and follow on screen instructions.
  • Go to about phone in settings and then tap on system updates.
  • The phone will check for update and this is available to download and install. Just follow the on-screen instructions available to do it.